Dr. Kelly W. Zhang
Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia Business School
Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Imperial College London (fall 2024)

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I'm a Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia Business School in the Descision, Risk, and Optimization group, working with Daniel Russo and Hongseok Namkoong. My research interests lie at the intersection of adaptive experimentation, reinforcement learning, and statistical inference. In fall 2024, I will start as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Imperial College London in the Mathematics Department (statistics section). I will also be a faculty member in the Imperial-X, an initiative driving innovation in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science.

I completed my Ph.D. student in computer science at Harvard University in the Statistical Reinforcement Learning Lab. I was advised by Susan Murphy and Lucas Janson. Prior to that, I worked on natural language processing and deep learning with Sasha Rush, Sam Bowman, and Yann LeCun. I also previously interned at Apple's HealthAI team in Seattle, Facebook AI Research in New York, and at eBay New York on the homepage recommendations team.



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